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Office Interior Design Trends 2013

Are you tired of your office environment or the same dull and grey layout?

Why not redesign your office to the trends of today. After all you spend most of the week in the office so you need to be inspired by a fresh looking environment which will stimulate both you and your colleagues/employees be even more creative this year in whatever field you are in.

A fresh and trendy looking office design can benefit your company by improving productivity and employee morale.

Here are a few tips on revamping your office:-


Improved lighting is a very important part of the design of the office. Focus on a stream of natural light so that everyone benefits and not just those sat next to the widow.


This is again very important for everyone to benefit. Ensure that your office has the correct ventilation and temperature to avoid ill health and infection. Ensure that people can either open windows or have a proper air-cooling system in place. Ensure hot plants or pipes have insulating material round them.

Office Space

Always make efficient use of space so that employees can benefit from working together but take into account of noise levels and how it could affect different the roles that people need to do.

New Trendy Office Design Ideas

If you want to make your office look trendy try one of these innovative ideas:-  

  • Don’t use standard partitions for office design use glass or something like Softwall which is freestanding partition that can be expanded and shaped in whatever way you want to make office partitions to look a lot more dynamic and trendy.
  • Use bean bags instead of boring old desks for office breakout areas to make your meeting rooms look and feel more exiting or even try meeting beds!
  • Use trendy and arty meeting tables or bookcases such as Bibliochase to store your office manuals which is a big chair surrounded by book shelving so someone can sit down while and browse a particular document or manual.
  • Change your walls or part of the wall space from the bland white/grey look to wooden or cordwood. This will make the office look and feel completely different from the normal office interior design.