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Office Partitioning

Deciding how to divide office space and separate various areas will mean you inevitably think of getting partitions constructed.

Office partitions can be constructed in different ways and can be made with bricks, clay blocks, concrete (either re-enforced or hollow) and glass.

Depending what sort of look and feel you want you will need to consider what is best. You also need to consider noises and sound and how different sections such as meeting rooms will affect people working on their own and constantly using the telephone.

Glass portioning is now quite a popular way of separating areas. These are usually a series of glass panels which are suspended from or slide along a robust aluminium ceiling track.

You can also use timber which consists of a wooden framework supported either on the floor or side walls.

Another option is to go for metal framed portioning or plasterboard to cut down the cost and work that has to be done.

Other options are to have meeting rooms or areas that can be closed off using a sliding door or folding screens. This way you can have one meeting room for a large gathering of people or when needed change to two separate rooms for two meetings at the same time making best use of office space and business operations.