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The Future Office Design and way of life!

I don’t know whether you caught the episode on South today last month but it showed what could be the new wave of future office designs.

Although not a unique concept it showed us an office in the Quay in Southampton which has adopted a fresh and relaxed work ethic in it’s office design to help motivate and help its employees enjoy their working day.

The office is equipped with all sorts of play things and chill out areas for people to break away from their routine work whenever they feel the need.

Here you will find all sorts of interesting play things such as a helter skelter, indoor tree house and cinema.  On the small clip you also saw a mini golf course, someone riding a bike and a chess shill out area with what looked like expensive sofas surrounded by a small library. They even had swings and groovy break out meeting tables and stools.  Not only that they also showed a bar!

What a great concept for employee morale. If this is the new way of working then I’m all for it as long as some work gets done!

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